Spears Manufacturing Modified Series

NEW SRL RADIO FREQUENCY – All SRL race divisions from this point forward, must scan 461.2000.  Frank’s Radio will be on site to take care of anyone who needs their radios changed on race weekend.

SPOTTERS – Spotters must be utilized at all times your car is on track.  The spotter must monitor race control with a scanner or stand-alone radio at 461.2000. 


MUFFLER REMINDER: From All-American Speedway…


Exhaust system and noise requirements:

10.2 Mufflers, single or dual are mandatory and shall be sufficient enough to meet all sound requirements of the speedway at all times. No side exit exhaust. All exhaust shall exit under the car. All mufflers must have a turn down that exit’s the exhaust at the ground. Due to our strict sound restrictions and the effect that weather condition variables have on sound generation. It is highly recommended that additional sound adjustability be built into your exhaust system in the event your vehicle does not meet the sound levels required. Any vehicle that does not meet the required sound level and cannot make the necessary repair will not be allowed to compete in that night’s events. All mufflers and exhaust shall be securely fastened. Any vehicle that loses its muffler or any part of the exhaust system will be black flagged in the interest of complying with sound requirements.
10.3 Sound; All vehicles in this division competing, practicing or testing at All American Speedway are required to comply with the mandated maximum sound output restriction. All race vehicles are required meet a maximum decibel output of 90 DBA or less as measured from the viewing pad area above turn four. No exceptions. Any vehicles found to be exceeding the allowable levels will be black flagged from the race track and required to make necessary repairs before being allowed back on the race track.

TIRES: Hoosier 970.


SPECIAL TRUCK ROUTE:  Hwy 80 to Hwy 65 – West on Blue Oaks Blvd – South on Washington Blvd – West on Corporation Yard Road, enter Pit Area gate located just behind of the Scoreboard.


FUEL: For this event at Roseville, SUNOCO E85 will be allowed to accommodate local cars, there will be a 15lbs. penalty for cars using E85.


SPECIAL PARKING REQUESTS:  If your team has any special parking requests, please reply to this email.


SATURDAY OVERNIGHT PARKING:  Rigs may be left overnight in the pit area, the gates will re-open Sunday morning at 8am.


FRIDAY TECH PRE-ASSIGNED TIME: All cars will have a pre-assigned tech time on Friday.

PIT AGE RESTRICTIONS: No age restriction at All-American Speedway, if under 8, must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


ENGINES FIRING TIMES:  On Friday, engines aren’t allowed to be fired before 3:30pm, and not before 12 noon on Saturday.


Thank you for racing with the Spears Manufacturing Modified Series …Where the Champions Race.