All-American Speedway Sound Restriction

All-American Speedway Sound Restriction

NOTICE: All-American Speedway – Event Date: May 16th


We wanted to make you aware of this with plenty of notice ahead of the race.


All-American Speedway in Roseville is located next to a school in a residential area.  They have a mandated strict noise ordinance that they cannot be out of compliance at any time.  We have to do our work ahead of time and arrive ready to comply.  They will conduct sound tests throughout the weekend – and are serious about enforcement.


If you’ve been there before, you understand – be proactive, not reactive.


From All-American Speedway:


Exhaust system and noise requirements

Mufflers, single or dual, are mandatory and shall be sufficient enough to meet all sound requirements of All American Speedway at all times. No side exit exhaust. All exhaust shall exit under the car. All mufflers must have a turn down that aims the exhaust exit at the ground. Due to our strict sound restrictions and the effect that weather condition variables have on sound generation, it is highly recommended that additional sound adjustability be built in to your exhaust system in the event your vehicle does not meet the sound levels required.


All vehicles competing, practicing or testing at All American Speedway are required to comply with the mandated maximum sound output restriction. All individual vehicles are required meet a maximum decibel output of 90 DBA.No exceptions. Any vehicles found to be exceeding the allowable levels will be black flagged from the race track and required to make necessary repairs before being allowed back on the race track.  





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