Initial Start / Restarts: (All starts/restarts are now the same procedures)

  1. All starts will be on the Green Flag by the Flagman.
  2. The front row must maintain Pace Car speed until they reach the designated cones.
  3. At the cone the front row gradually increases speed staying together and will be at speed (out of turn 4) together coming to the start line.
  4. At no time does the front row slow after the Pace Car pulls off before coming to green. Front row must stay side by side and at no time should second place

be ahead of the leader before the green waves. Jumping the start could result in a black flag and a pass thru penalty.

  1. No passing or pulling out of line allowed until you reach the S/F line.
  2. If a caution occurs before the leader completes the first lap of the race, there will be a complete restart. All cars retain original starting position unless a

penalty is issued, they pit or receive assistance from the safety crew. If a car drops out or goes to the rear, all positions simply advance.

  1. All restarts will be double file, except for the 2nd attempt at a green/white/checkered. Race Control may call for a single file restart anytime deemed


  1. All cars one or more laps down restart behind lead lap cars.
  2. When ‘one to go’ or the directive is given to double up, the leader will choose to start inside or outside. Everyone else will double up accordingly.

If you pit and are not back in your correct position when the directive to double up is given, you will start on the tail of the field.

  1. 10. No scrubbing tires, swerving, brake checking, laying back, or games of any kind will be tolerated after the one to go is given.
  2. It comes down to a respect issue, respect for the fans, officials, fellow drivers/teams and your equipment. once one to go has been displayed.


Yellow Flag:

  1. When the yellow flag is displayed stop racing, slow and maintain your single file position with caution.
  2. Yellow laps do not count except for the initial yellow. You will not lose a lap as long as you take the green on the restart. We do not revert back a lap.
  3. If you are involved, spin, slowed or your progress is disrupted by the incident, you will be positioned where you rejoin or blend back into the field, unless the

leader passes you, then you will restart at the tail of the lead lap cars or down cars, depends on if you are the lead lap or not at that point.

NOTE: The incident must play itself out before the order is set. If you pit and don’t rejoin the field in your proper position before the double up directive is given,

you will restart at the back of the field.

  1. Any discrepancies in line up will be determined by Race Control.
  2. Should a car not maintain caution speed or any reason, stop or enter the pits during a yellow, it will lose its running position. You must maintain your

position under yellow and stay nose to tail. Cars that don’t stay within one car length of the car in front of them will be sent to the rear of the field.

  1. If a driver deliberately picks up positions after the yellow flag is displayed, they will be penalized at minimum two positions.
  2. If a driver does anything to intentionally cause a yellow, it’s a minimum two-lap penalty.
  3. No scuffing tires in the area of on-track safety workers, you will only receive one warning before being parked for the rest of the event.
  4. Officials reserve the right to utilize the yellow to check cars that are suspect and are being considered for a black flag (leaks, smoke or sparks, etc.). After

they are checked, if okay – they keep their position.

  1. Pit crews are not allowed on the track and drivers may not repair or adjust their cars while on track unless Race Control direct otherwise.
  2. After 40 consecutive green flag laps, the caution will be displayed within the next 15 lap window. This does not apply within 25 laps of the finish..


Red Flag:

  1. Stop in a safe/quick manner–if a car does not re-start on its own, it will be pushed started and maintain position.
  2. No work may be done on cars during red flag condition (5 lap penalty) – Unless authorized by race control.
  3. Positions will revert back to the previous completed green or yellow flag lap. Those deemed part of the occurrence that caused immediate red flag or cars

That pit will be positioned at the rear of the field.


Free Pass Award:

1.On any yellow flag except for the final 10 laps, the first car a lap down based on the last completed green flag lap, will be instructed to fall to the tail of the

field, and credited back 1 lap. Any car causing or involved in a yellow will not be the recipient of the “Free Pass” and there will be no free pass on that caution.


Three Wide Rule:

  1. If you are the third car that makes it a 3-wide situation, if an incident occurs, you may be penalized whether or not you made contact with another car.


Lap Cars:

  1. Lapped cars that create problems repeatedly during the race may be penalized. Lapped cars must treat all lead lap cars with the same respect.



  1. Once the white flag is displayed, we are coming to the checkered unless the track is blocked.
  2. If we go yellow or red after the leader takes the white, we will finish with a green/white/checkered, with a maximum (2) attempts.
  3. On the 2nd attempt at the green/white/checkered – once the field receives the green flag, and crosses the s/f line, the race will be complete if the yellow is

displayed, those remaining are to slow and proceed with caution. The remaining cars would be scored in the position they last held at the start finish line minus

cars involved in the caution and race is over.

  1. Top 5 will go directly to victory lane for trophies and interviews, the driver must stay with the car at all times, driver must drive car to scales and or you will be



1.Any contact between competitors will be determined by Race Control if any penalty will be imposed.  If a driver is penalized for rough driving, he/or she will

restart at the tail end of the field behind all cars for the immediate restart after the penalty or could be parked for the remainder of event.

2.Any competitor having contact with the race leader, resulting in the leader spinning and or being eliminated from competition will be penalized. Race Control

has the right to call over the radio to rescind this policy (before an incident happens) if the leader is considered to be blocking, only by Race Control, in which

case the above Rule #1 under Contact will be in force.