• COVID PROTOCOLS – MASKS ARE TO BE WORN AT ALL TIMES WHILE AT THE TRACK and social distancing is to be practiced. The track has mandatory masks in place so they can host this event – it is the least we can ALL do to cooperate with their specific policies for the weekend.  NO ONE WANTS TO BE THE MASK POLICE – WEAR YOUR MASK.  Everyone needs to follow the same set of rules – we are all fortunate that Irwindale Speedway is presenting and hosting this event for us.



  • ENTRY LIST/DUPLICATE NUMBERS – Check the Entry List to see if you are a duplicate number, each car with a duplicate number will be required to display a four-inch first letter of the drivers last name low and behind the car number on each side.



  • RACE TEAM PERSONAL VEHICLE PARKING – All personal vehicles will be parked in the General Parking Area (East of the main entrance). No personal vehicles will be allowed to park in the pit area, which will be full.



  • PRIZE MONEY / W9 FORMS – If the SRL does not have a W9 form on file for you, you will not receive any prize money from the event. Please fill out the attached W9 form, so we can be sure to send your prize money.



  • NO GOLF CARTS/SCOOTERS – REMINDER; No golf carts, quads, bicycles or any type of motorized scooter, allowed on the raceway grounds – includes pits, parking lots and RV areas. The injured or handicapped may be allowed single person scooters – must get approval prior to the event from Ricky Brooks. 



  • RACE PROCEDURES – It is your teams responsibility to fully understand the rules and procedures that govern this event.


Rules in this series apply to everyone – equally and fairly.

Thank you for Racing with Us.